In this section, the postcards are for nature lovers.
Mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, meadows. I did not want to show them separately, because I think that is the beauty of the nature. Many idyllic landscapes in one place.

Autumn`s Splendor

Jenn just prove one of the reasons why i am so much into postcards. The postcards we are sharing has travelled all that unimaginable way. And that is simply amazing. We could never travel like that. And they are prove…

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Spruce Forest

If you need a place where the time passes slow but the reindeer in front of you passes fast, then definitely Nattavaara should be your holiday destination, far away from civilisation but closer to Santa Clause. Sound attractive right? I…

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The abandoned island. A large Rock in the sea with derelict buildings on it. A coal mining ghost town in the middle of the East China Sea. The 480 meter long, 150 meter wide island, used to be home to…

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On her Croatian summer holiday, Anne (from the Netherlands) sent me a postcard from Istria, peninsula, a place, a corner, with its own special world, where she enjoyed for 10 days. Istria is heart shaped peninsula in Adriatic sea, so…

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