Dana is my soulmate. Believe it or not, when you come across a person with whom you can enjoy every moment, understand each other with a look, have not communicated for months, and still know that she is there for you, you know that in every moment when you write it, she will be available for you.
Although we communicate constantly, Dana is still an active scout from Romania and often travels to other countries and mountains with a limited connection, so that is the reason for the interruption in communication. But after that the conversations are incessant.
Yes, I have a soulmate, and that’s my husband, but this is another half, another self I find myself in, another side of my personality that I complement.
We often visit each other and these are the most beautiful moments spent together.
Gifts and greetings by mail for holidays and birthdays, as well as travel postcards are always present. Sometimes described in many words, sometimes with a little, but always enough and always with the attention and positivity they bring with them.

Birthday Wishes

Be You Although the greeting card itself is large, the writing itself is small so that can fit all the birthday wishes related to the meaning of the greeting card itself. How important it is to be YOU, because only…

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Dana in Berlin

This postcard is from November 2019, right after Dana’s visit to Bitola. Of course, Bitola (Macedonia in general) was more beautiful for her 😂, most because of breathtaking natural views, but also for the delicious medlars (Mespilus) that we offer…

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