France as a country that did not attracted me at all. But as time goes on, somehow I hear a lot about her, and almost all the books I have read lately contain a section in France or French. All those descriptions of the breads and bagels, the croissants, the sea, the sandy beaches, the fresh air and the astonishing views, are making such fantasies in my head that I would like to teleport immediately. I am taking this as a sign that i have to visit it soon. Especially Ille de Re ( i read it in a book about it and i think i lived through this place)
Also looking through the postcards it reminded me of how much I admired when I get from rare places. Its not just the country, but the pictures and descriptions of such places that I didn’t even imagine existed.
Please take a breath before scrolling down 🙂

The Edge of Seine

This is rare and unusual, yet very beautiful view of Paris. Open touristic boat “Bateaux Mouches” is sailing on the edge of Seine, toward the Grand Palais, famous historical monument. Those are the words of Lena and i agree with…

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