Art postcards

When you mix a tour guide and a biotechnology engineer, you get absolutely nothing.
But when their creativity is combined with their ideas, you can get such a colorful explosion, its` blast is going in every cell of the brain and the body and erupts like a volcano in smallest particles. Then the miracles are happening. Many miracles.
One of those miracles are the postcards. Between Martina’s love of postcards and her huge collection of postcards from around the world that already fills every corner of her home and her disappointment with the local uncreative selection of postcards, Lea appears with her hedonistic adventurous motivation which proves that the world of postcards can be a more creative corner in our area. Thus, she selflessly offered the illustrations made by academic artist Suzana Z. Gjorgjieva. So then from those wonderful great creations are born those small even more beautiful postcards … and they became like little children of the great ones…Colorful, playful, cheerful.
The happiness of these postcards will follow two directions. One part will travel the world of postcards with Martina and other collectors for exchange, and the other part will travel the world of business with Lea, where they will be selling as gifts with their unique power, to take us back at the time, where the pen knew our sincere desire and was capable to fill in the card, while we eagerly waited to see the expression of the one who is going to read the message.
Maybe they will meet someday, maybe not. But is our task to show them the way, so they can choose where to bring the happiness.


These very very beautiful paintings, that we turned into postcards are made by the skillful hands of the academic artist Suzana Z. Gjorgjieva.This gentle creations are inspired by the simplicity of our childhood, the games and activities we used to…

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