Chile is affectionately known by its inhabitants as the “pais del poetas” or the “country of poets”. This is because two of the country’s most well-known and beloved literary figures were the poets and writers Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda, who both won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

In Chile, you can find the driest place on earth – The Atacama Desert which covers a total area of 40,541 sq. mi (105,000 sq. km), stretching 600mi (1000km) from southern Peru into northern Chile. Officially the driest place on Earth, the Atacama Desert receives almost no rainfall whatsoever. In fact, it is so dry that some weather stations in the desert have never recorded a single drop of rain.

Chile is a world class wine destination, and the ninth largest producer of wine.

Easter Island, a Chilean territory, is a remote volcanic island in Polynesia. Its native name is Rapa Nui. It’s famed for archaeological sites, including nearly 900 monumental statues called moai, created by inhabitants during the 13th–16th centuries.

Penguins in Chille – Another one of the facts about Chile is that Penguins don’t only live in Antarctica or at the zoo, they can be found in several areas of southern Chile, including the Seno Otway Penguin Colony.

World’s longest mountain ranges – Andes Mountains on Chilean territory, has some of the world’s largest and still active volcanoes -over 1300.