India as the country with the oldest civilization on earth. Индија како земја со најстарата цивилизација на светот, captivates with million other facts that a learned through postcards which motivated me to do deeper research after i get each postcard. Thanks to this my knowledge is richer for this South Asian country. My favorite fact is that in New Delhi, the capital, is located the Asia’s largest wholesale spice market selling all kinds of spices, nuts, herbs and food products like rice and tea (Khari Baoli). India is not only the mother of Khari spice, but also is the land where over 70% of the spices in the world are coming from.
For the rest of the facts you have to learn through the postcards 🙂

Rajastani Men

I was very surprised when I read a traditional face. Is there such face? And I thought all people are different everywhere no matter where they come from, in one place you can notice different faces, but the picture itself…

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Rajastani Women

The picture it bring us the typical traditional clothing, worn in everyday life in the villages of India and this one is from Rajastan.And yes, Kanishka ис always sending sunshine (drawn) on the postcards, so you can feel the warmth…

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