As much as we are the same, that much we are different, as much as we are close, that much we are far away from each other. We are. The people. As boring as it sounds, you may wonder what one might actually see or want to show to the others with postcards with faces, believe me there is a lot to say. Not just what they look like physically, but what they present about themselves, or about the culture or the country they are coming from.
I was surprised how beautiful we are 🙂


Hola people 😊. Of course you know that this music group on the postcard is called Mariachi and I believe in your mind you already played some mexican music. Lando is wishing for me, to go there one day and…

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Rajastani Men

I was very surprised when I read a traditional face. Is there such face? And I thought all people are different everywhere no matter where they come from, in one place you can notice different faces, but the picture itself…

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Rajastani Women

The picture it bring us the typical traditional clothing, worn in everyday life in the villages of India and this one is from Rajastan.And yes, Kanishka ис always sending sunshine (drawn) on the postcards, so you can feel the warmth…

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