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As much as we are the same, that much we are different, as much as we are close, that much we are far away from each other. We are. The people. As boring as it sounds, you may wonder what one might actually see or want to show to the others with postcards with faces, believe me there is a lot to say. Not just what they look like physically, but what they present about themselves, or about the culture or the country they are coming from.
I was surprised how beautiful we are 🙂
Колку многу сме исти, а колку многу сме различни, колку сме блиски, а колку сме далечни. Тоа сме луѓето. Колку и да звучи здодевно , што всушност би можело да се види или прикажи за луѓето, верувајте има многу. Не само физички како изгледаат, туку она што го прикажуваат за себе, за културата за државата од каде доаѓаат.
Се изненадив колку сме убави