Fiona is from Malaysia and is another culprit for my love of postcards. A girl who tirelessly sent me postcards wherever she went. And believe me, she has traveled every corner of the world.
Through the postcards you will learn more about her travels.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year people. I am wishing you to stay healthy, with positive attitude and thoughts and to be with the people you love. Take more care of yourself, you deserve it.I see this postcard it might be from the…

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Christmas Songs

On a Christmas Eve i choose these wonderful postcards. Two different christmas songs, by two different people, both from Malaysia wished me happy holidays on a same year, 2014. It is amazing. What a coincidence. I love the songs, i…

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The Diving Paradise

Fiona, Malaysia (2013) While I am reading this now, is like a time capsule has hit it on me.Fiona sent me this postcard before her trip to Balkans and Europe in general when she was planning her trip. Seeing from…

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Thinking Of Coffee

You know that this is metal card? Yup those exist, beside the wooden cards there are made of metal too and I only wish that it was a magnet too. Postcard and a magnet stick on a fridge and you…

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Malaysia, Postallove

The postcard flew along with the birds from the stamps 😍Fiona is always choosing different stamps, for each delivery. Those three birds gave me this beautiful detailed postcards. All additional information will be unnecessary. Enjoy 🤗

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