Of course Canada reminds of a beautiful reach country with very cold winters. And believe me, most of the postcards i have from Canada are idyll winter sceneries. Its more than clear (especially if you love mountains and snow) that you are going to fall in love all over the snowy tales Canada has to present.

Autumn`s Splendor

Jenn just prove one of the reasons why i am so much into postcards. The postcards we are sharing has travelled all that unimaginable way. And that is simply amazing. We could never travel like that. And they are prove…

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Peace Garden

This special postcard came at the right moment – for my birthday 🤗 And is special because the postcard matches its stamp. Isn’t it amazing?Of course I will enjoy, the colors, the garden, the flowers… Additional info – I cannot…

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The Journey Is The Reward

National park Icefield Parkway, Canada On the road of Icefield Parkway which is leading from Jasper National Park continuing to Banff National Park, on its way Rob stopped to take a rest in a cafeteria, and the sentences with large…

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