Although I would put these postcards in a tourist category, they are more than that in such way. Not only do they describe the country where they came from, but they present their information in a creative and illustrated way and you can not miss any information, even if you wanted to.

My Romania

When Simona came to visit us, she was delighted with the beauties of Macedonia. All places, known and unknown, cities and villages made her stay as long as possible 🙂 All sunrises and sunsets, all waters and mountains has extended…

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Map and Stamps

This time instead of words, Denny choose stamps to spoke for themselves😂, but to be honest i really like it. They all are unique in their own way and are telling more about australian nature than any other written word.…

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Sabah, Malaysia

Land below the wind Annie comes from Tenom (please find Tenom on the map 😀) Tenom is a small town and one of the information is that there were only two postcard lovers and they know each other. Ok, not…

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