These postcards are mostly the typical touristic postcards, showing the most attractive side of each city, the ones that you buy for yourself when visiting a place. These are not bad, but let’s just say are my least favorites. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but I wouldn’t put them in my favorite spot, that’s all. Of course I appreciate the effort from the sender, especially from the places when they have lack of choices, with only these types of postcards.

Golden Minsk

When i read, how people are writing so passionate about their home cities i immediately want to visit them. You can feel the love, the welcomeness and the words they are honestly writing. This time i will skip “Additional info”…

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This, very cozy and emotional time of the year it has the power to bring back the memories of Poland and also the nostalgy i am feeling for a long time now. I love holidays and in Poland i spent…

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