Sestri Levante – La Baia Del Silenzio

Davide Italy

It looks like most of the postcards that I am receiving from Italy are from Davide 🤭 Anyhow I love them all because they are from all over Italian beauties. This one looks summerish, despite the last one that was kind of snowy and winterish. This small place give positive vibes even from looking at the postcard and is one of the most beautiful towns in the region of Liguria – as Davide wrote, recommending as perfect place for summer holidays.
You just can’t ignore it.

Additional information – Sestri Levante is defined as the “city of two seas” – due to its geographical formation characterized by a thin isthmus connecting the “island”, a rocky promontory surrounded by the sea, to the mainland, dividing the waters of two beautiful bays.
The postcard shows, the Bay of Silence. The other one is called Bay of Fairy Tales – which has been named in honor of the Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen, who lived in this town for a short time in 1833.
Sestri Levante, rich in history and culture – simply a magical place, with amazing nature, has always been a source of inspiration for poets and writers.

H. C. Andersn wrote in 1883 about Sestri Levante:
“What a fairy-tale evening did I spend in Sestri Levante!
The inn was very close to the sea, and a strong undertow lapped against it;
clouds in the sky were crimson red and the mountains were sparkling in the brightest colours.
The trees themselves were like gigantic fruit baskets, full of rich bunches of grapes.

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