First I called them special, then i changed to different, and finally I put them in my favorite postcards, because I really love them the most. They are different from every other typical postcards, they do not have a tourist purpose, and yet they say a lot with the message that is written from the sender. Somehow I feel closer to these, more intimate, because they talk more about themselves than about where they are coming from.

Little Christmas Angel

Merry Christmas !!! ❤❤❤Again 😅Well we are having our orthodox Christmas now, so is again time for celebrating and eating and drinking, time for family, time for home.This lovely postcard sent by Kate, it fits perfectly for the day. She…

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year people. I am wishing you to stay healthy, with positive attitude and thoughts and to be with the people you love. Take more care of yourself, you deserve it.I see this postcard it might be from the…

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Christmas Songs

On a Christmas Eve i choose these wonderful postcards. Two different christmas songs, by two different people, both from Malaysia wished me happy holidays on a same year, 2014. It is amazing. What a coincidence. I love the songs, i…

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Post L❤ve

How cute is this. Don’t you want your mail to come in this little sweet post house? With this i would send as double as i am sending now, just to receive more postcards so that i can enjoy this…

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It’s Tea Time

Right when you look at the postcard I believe you want to drink some tea, from some elegant set of tea pot and cups…and maybe some homemade cookies, from which you may still feel the smell from baking them earlier.…

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I am so happy that I had the chance to choose this postcard by myself. It’s so lovely and I started to be a fan of Rina Zeniuk’s blue cat postcards. She did an amazing job. There is only one…

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