Christmas Songs

On a Christmas Eve i choose these wonderful postcards.
Two different christmas songs, by two different people, both from Malaysia wished me happy holidays on a same year, 2014. It is amazing. What a coincidence. I love the songs, i love the postcards that are written on…i love holidays. Even though i am orthodox, and we are celebrating on 7th of January, i love both christmases.
There were times when i used to travel a lot, i was celebrating catholic Christmas with my friends in Poland, Germany, Romania… and then we would come back together at my home to celebrate orthodox christmas with my family… Lot of gatherings, family times, eating, smiles and hugs, presents and beautiful and positive people around. I miss that time. I hope next year we will enjoy the holidays more.
Those who celebrate now, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take good care of you and your family

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