Coming from Macedonia i have to start with their traditional salad, macedonia fruit salad 😂. Macedonia or macédoine is a salad composed of small pieces of fruit or vegetables.
And the other interestings facts are:
Spain is the second biggest European country and fifth largest population in Europe.
Spain is the only country in Europe where bananas grow and take the leads of growing olive trees (and olive oil) production as well.
In Bunol (place near Valencia) every year In August, there is Tomato festival. Visitors are encouraged to throw as many tomatoes as they can – but only once they been squashed, to avoid any injuries.
Probably, favorite word in Spain is ‘mañana’ (tomorrow). Spaniards do everything quietly, not in a hurry and what doesn’t come today will come tomorrow.
And yes, Madrid is the capital (but more details will follow in the postcards stories)