Malta is an island in the Mediterranean sea, or actually is a combination of 3 main islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino)
Valletta is the capital
Surrounded By Crystal Clear Waters
Easy To Explore Within Minutes
World’s Best Climate
World-Class Architecture

On Malta, people drive on the left. Which is a big adaptation for all tourists. Until 1964 Malta was under the reign of the Brits. Which is why they drive on the left. Now they are part of the British Commonwealth. This means they all speak English very well.
Malta is a popular location for big-budget film productions. A lot of movies have been shot on the archipelago, like: Popeye, Troy, Astérix & Obelix, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Da Vinci Code, World War Z, Captain Philips.

The Walls of Mdina

This is one of the few postcards, Silvan has sent me from Malta, along with the greetings of course. Additional info – Mdina (known as “Silent city”) is the old capital of Malta. It’s a completely fortified medieval town enclosed in…

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