Macedonian postcards

This album is for postcards with Macedonian motives for exchange. Unfortunately i dont have from all cities, but i will do my best to get from all the famous places Macedonia is known for.
Some of them are bought by local shops, some of them are made by friends – their photos from the places they have traveled around and even handmade one, but all of them are beautiful made by heart. I hope you will like them too

My Handmade Cards

Please check, my new peace of love. My passion for handmade cards. Especially around New Year and Christmas holidays i get my motivation to create something that i really like.So during the next days i will post more of my…

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These very very beautiful paintings, that we turned into postcards are made by the skillful hands of the academic artist Suzana Z. Gjorgjieva.This gentle creations are inspired by the simplicity of our childhood, the games and activities we used to…

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Made From a Friend

These postcards are made from my dear friend Goran, who loves taking photos and making them into postcards. As much as he loves postcards, he love to wander around the world, so he has a blog that is dedicated to…

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For Exchange

Here are some of the postcards that i bought from local shops Those interested in exchange please fill in the form 👇👇👇

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