These very very beautiful paintings, that we turned into postcards are made by the skillful hands of the academic artist Suzana Z. Gjorgjieva.
This gentle creations are inspired by the simplicity of our childhood, the games and activities we used to have fun with, before the internet, before the phones, before the new normal that we are living today.

This is our first cooperation and if the project is successful, the profit will be invested in founding a company for educational experiences for children, in the blog @ world.through.postcards and in the art of the illustrator Suzana. I hope this will motivate us all to continue the good work and to create more pieces of beauty.

You can get the postcards by exchange (postcard for postcard, one only), or you can buy the whole set of 6 postcards which costs 5 euros (330 denars). Those interested in exchange or ordering the set, please fill in the form right below the text.

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