Welcome to My World of Postcards

Welcome to the world through postcards.
In general each postcard represents plain, hard-paper-picture.
But when the sender is writing about his mood, his activities at that moment,
the description of the postcard itself, where and why it was bought,
then the postcard gets a soul.
Time by time, that point was what attracted me the most of the postcards and still is.
You learn new things from every known and unknown corner of the world, for people,
for a particular city, country, place, culture, food,
tradition or you simply get part of their everyday life.
The senders themselves are giving to you part of their time, attention, thought,
energy and they dedicate it to you.
That’s why I have the world at home.
I hope you will enjoy, you will travel and you will learn
about the world through the postcards.
The world is amazing, believe me.