Taiwan is a small, exotic island that captivates me with its centuries-old traditional culture that people cherish until this day. Some of the most beautiful dishes are there and some of the postcards I have are with recipes and dishes from Taiwan.
Everything in Taiwan has a purpose and is especially cherished, so maybe the love and attention to details are what attracts me the most to this country.

Taiwan, Postallove

Wei Chin is my few-time-swapper-friend which i love receiving postcards from and i love to read her love for Taiwan, her passion for her homeland. And i love her writing and the way she always writes some of the words…

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Steamed Dumplings from Taiwan

Traditional Taiwanese meat-stuffed, traditionally called ‘xiao long bao’. Beside this one, I have checked many recipes on the internet, but I haven`t try any of them yet.Wei and I have exchanged several times and she often wants to get postcards…

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