I dedicate this album to Kate, the culprit for the love of postcards.
Kate and I were roommates in Gdansk, Poland. We worked together in a foundation for people with disabilities and there I actually found out that I have a creative side, actually they helped me discover it. Additionally, we created new objects (clay objects, Christmas cards and other holidays) and sent them in an envelope along with letters to loved ones at home.
At the beginning we didn’t came along, because we thought we don`t have anything in common, but by the time we came closer, we discover that we have many things in common, we shared many sleeples nights talking, sharing secrets, gossip people, makings meals for eachother, catching sunrises and sunsets (because we lived by the sea), having walks. And while i write this and coming back those memories i realized i miss her so much. Kate doesn’t have profiles on social networks, so after Poland we continued our communication with writing letters and postcards.
Since then, a huge number of letters, greeting cards, postcards, teas, chocolates and many other things have been shared since then (this means for over a 10 years).
I will keep the letters, as my private stories, of course, but I will share with you the postcards followed by all her travels through Germany and other countries.
By the way, Kate is from Germany and I have visited her and she has visited me. I am very glad that our friendship continued in a right stunning direction.

Spruce Forest

If you need a place where the time passes slow but the reindeer in front of you passes fast, then definitely Nattavaara should be your holiday destination, far away from civilisation but closer to Santa Clause. Sound attractive right? I…

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Little Christmas Angel

Merry Christmas !!! ❤❤❤Again 😅Well we are having our orthodox Christmas now, so is again time for celebrating and eating and drinking, time for family, time for home.This lovely postcard sent by Kate, it fits perfectly for the day. She…

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Birthday Wishes

Ok, this birthday postcard , besides the usual birthday wishes we are wishing to everyone, contain the biggest and most important wish, which is to see each other in the summer. So the wish is completed already. This means the…

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