By the time, I fell in love with these postcards as well. In fact, at first I did not even knew they existed. I admired the tourist postcards, I did not know that there are many more beautiful postcards, much richer and more important for a culture and tradition.
The beauty is that the recipe is often written, so you have the opportunity to try it.
Of course, with the internet, everything is in our hands, but it still feels much better when you read the sender’s favorite traditional recipe, why it is so, where it comes from, where it was best prepared… Many values ​​are hidden behind just one simple recipe.

Potato Salad

As i have mentioned before i love the postcards with recipes, especially those with ingredients we have in my country as well. Marie did great job saving this postcards for those, not only lovers of those kind of postcards but…

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Wiener Schnitzel

When you to go Vienna, you have to try wiener schnitzel, otherwise it would be like you never been there. I have tried, homemade and i know what i am talking about. Here is the traditional recipe, on postcard, send…

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American Cherry Pie

The famous American pie, this time with cherries, on a postcard, with a recipe, with a message from Door county, with everything. This is when a person dedicates himself, starting from scratch and do something big and then selflessly is…

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