Poland is my Love. Ok, actually Gdansk is my love, but is in Poland right? I call Poland my second homeland, the place where I feel like it home, where I feel more than welcomed, the place where I have friends as a family. The friends I have shared many many happy memories, the people that make me realize I have many qualities and should cherish my dreams.
There I realized the meaning of true love, not the romantic one, but for life, for small things, small moments, small talks, that took big part of my life, many laughs, many happiness.
I separate my life, before Poland and after Poland.
Of course, after Poland I am never same again. And I like it. I like what I `ve become. And I like that I am open for more changes in future, we should adapt, develop and invest in ourselves.
I hope I will have more chances to visit my lovely place in future.

Love From Gdansk

Marcel, Gdansk I know i have mentioned many times that i love Poland, especially Gdansk. And not only the city, the people that i met there, those that made me better person, the people who believed in me…well this is…

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This, very cozy and emotional time of the year it has the power to bring back the memories of Poland and also the nostalgy i am feeling for a long time now. I love holidays and in Poland i spent…

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