The Old Town of Warsaw

Ivica and Chris, Poland

Ivica is from Serbia but he visited Chris in Warsaw, so they both sent me this beautiful postcard of Warsaw, its very rich and beautiful old town and this very big and very very beautiful stamps that I really, really wanted to show you. Even if you are not a stamp lover you cannot resist to appreciate it, especially when it takes more then half of the postcard. It left small corner only for the greetings, which is enough.
I met Ivica in Serbia and we spent nice evening in a traditional restaurant, together with my Polish friends. Unfortunately, Chris I haven’t met yet, while on my trips to Poland, but is never to late for that. I hope soon Warsaw will be on my travel list soon again.

Additional info – I have to admit that in Warsaw I have tasted the most delicious cheesecake. It was the best cheesecake I have ever tried. After this so creamy, crumbly and mouth melting dough the cheesecakes are never same again. And I am a huge cheesecake lover 😍
– Warsaw Old Town, rebuilt after World War II based on paintings from the 17th-18th centuries, is protected by UNESCO and is a perfect example of restoration of cultural heritage.
– Warsaw’s Old Town Square has four sides each with their own name. They are all named after 18th-century Polish politicians. Starting from the north side, which is Strona Dekert (named after Jan Dekert); the east side is Strona Barssa; the south side is Strona Zakrzewskiego; the west side is Strona Hugo Kołłątaja. 

I have more interesting facts about Warsaw, but i also have many postcards with different views so I will keep for when their time comes 🤗

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