Germany is a country full of natural beauties, besides the lavish cities which are paradigm for culture, decency, cleanliness and respect.
In addition of the famous cities that is Germany known for, you will learn more about the rest of the hidden places and rural areas that represent the hidden treasure of the country.

Map of Deutschland

There is a site for postcards, where I get most of the postcards from the world. It is called Postcrossing, and is a famous social network for postcards swap, blogging about postcards and everything that is related to postcards. Other…

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Herrenchiemsee Castle

Literally, but literally this postcard is a proof that buying a postcard can save you when уоu find yourself “cornered”. So I am really glad that my hobby can save lives 😂 So don’t hesitate to buy a postcard. Even…

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Chalet Below the Watzmann

This breathtaking view is from Watzmann mountain in Bavarian Alps, south of the village of  Berchtesgaden in Germany.Helga loves this place and she is happy that there is postcard to show it to the world.For mountain lovers this should be…

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Dana in Berlin

This postcard is from November 2019, right after Dana’s visit to Bitola. Of course, Bitola (Macedonia in general) was more beautiful for her 😂, most because of breathtaking natural views, but also for the delicious medlars (Mespilus) that we offer…

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