Nuremberg and the Windows

Ille, Bavaria, Germany

I really love the postcard. I love it, i love it 😍
Ille make my day, then and now again when i read it over and over again. First thing – because is my favorite theme, windows, second – because she wrote lot of wonderful things, about her daily life, her favorites, her job and usual promenades. Is like reading short autobiography book, but the whole image you are making in your had. Like you imagine them when they are going to the theater or the cinema on a cold weekends, wrapped in warm clothes spending time together with her husband, or when they enjoy their coffee in their garden with their grey cat and white rabbit, that match perfectly to their environment, talking about days when their children used to full fill the yard and run around, but now they are all with their families, or when they go in the market in Nuremberg, on winter holidays, where there is lot of Christmas music and mulled wine and grilled cabbage and sausages wrapped in Bavarian bread and all these mixed scents of winter are caring you around the atmosphere . Ah, mouth melting and beautiful stories in one beautiful postcard.
Its like perfect story when we get old and i wish everyone will experience this.

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