Herrenchiemsee Castle

Dana in Germany

Literally, but literally this postcard is a proof that buying a postcard can save you when уоu find yourself “cornered”. So I am really glad that my hobby can save lives 😂 So don’t hesitate to buy a postcard. Even for yourself. Enter the shop, look around, maybe it can save you or can lead you somewhere, or maybe will help you to find the love of your life. You never know. I must say, I am especially happy because I save Dana`s moment, because, you know, she is precious to me ❤️

Additional Info – The Herrenchiemsee is a complex of royal buildings on Herreninsel, the largest island in the Chiemsee lake, in southern Bavaria, Germany.
The Augustinian Monastery (Old Palace) is a monastery building on Herrenchiemsee that was constructed in the baroque era. 
In 1873 King Ludwig II of Bavaria purchased the Herreninsel as the location for his Royal Palace of Herrenchiemsee (New Palace). Top priority was given to copying the palace and gardens of Versailles as an epitome of monarchic splendor, in the construction of the dream worlds of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

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