Hidden Corner of Budapest

Dana in Budapest

Here is a sight of Budapest i believe, most of you haven’t seen. Or at least those that have visited only touristic sites of the city. I believe every city has its own hidden inner beauty, but we have to look for it, walk for it. Touristic sites we can all see on internet, but these magical corners can say more stories, has hidden more secrets, than the crowded places, which you won’t find on internet. And of course Dana gave me what i want đŸ¤—. Of course it is unusual postcard for her as well, seeing a card of a neighbourhood she has lived short time…yes she have been here for a short while.
And seeing these beautiful stone houses and autumnish pavements i can imagine the atmosphere around…I just love it.

Additional information – I have to say that in Budapest I ate the most delicious hot chocolate with ice cream . It was warm but rainy day outside and it fitted perfectly to the mood inside, at the old fashioned cafĂ© bar …
The beautiful city of Budapest is made up of two parts which are separated by the Danube river. The areas – known as Buda and Pest, are connected by a series of bridges.
Budapest has the most significant number of thermal springs in the world. On a daily basis, 70 million liters of water come up there to the surface of the earth.
The Synagogue in Budapest in Dohany Street, is known as the largest synagogue in Europe and the second largest in the world. The house of worship has a seating capacity of 3,000 people and standing space for 2000 more.
In the City Park of Budapest, there is a statue of a hooded figure known as Anonymous. The statue, represents an anonymous writer who wrote a history of the early Magyars and sits across the Vajdahunyad Castle, holding a pen in his hand. The legends says that touching the pen of the statue you will be blessed with great writing abilities. You may not believe it, but the shiny surface of the pen says that many believed. And i have to say, after i touched it the words are coming out of me like a flow.

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