Golden Minsk

Dasha, Belarus

When i read, how people are writing so passionate about their home cities i immediately want to visit them. You can feel the love, the welcomeness and the words they are honestly writing.
This time i will skip “Additional info” because Dasha is saying all the good things you should do or visit in Belarus in general so i will leave it as is, because that’s the beauty of the postcard. You can read most interesting facts from the locals instead of googling.
She says the “at least 10 things you should do in Belarus” (that much fits on the postcard 😂)
1. Try Narochansky bread
2. See a medieval castle
3. Visit a country house
4. Try all the draniki you can
5. Visit the national library
6. Feed a European bison
7. Try on a traditional flax outfit
8. Enjoy one of the 11 000 lakes
9. Taste krambabulia
10. Come and visit us again

Attractive, right? 😊

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