Panorama Al Atardecer

Lando, Colombia

The postcard was sent in August, but Lando wrote, “greetings from Cold Bogota”. I hope that it was only chilly, because for me is hard to believe any coldness in August. What is most interesting is that it never gets really hot nor really cold in Bogota. The city has a subtropical highland climate. The average temperature is 14.5 °C (58 °F), varying from 6 to 19 °C (43 to 66 °F) on sunny days, and from 10 to 18 °C (50 to 64 °F) on rainy days. Which I believe is pleasant spring-like climate. But I do believe any time in Bogota is for enjoying.

Additional info – The capital city of Colombia, Bogota, is located in the center of the country in the eastern part of the Andes mountains. The city was founded by the Muisca people long before the arrival of the Spanish, who established their own city there. The Muisca people called the settlement where Bogota was founded Bacata, which in the Chibcha language means “The Lady of the Andes.”
Bogota has many cultural venues including 58 museums, 62 art galleries, 33 libraries, 45 stage theaters -Columbus Theatre is most famous, 75 sports and attraction parks, and over 150 national monuments. The Museum of Gold is one of the most visited touristic highlights in the country and receives around 500,000 tourists per year. The museum displays a selection of pre-Columbian gold and other metal alloys, such as Tumbaga (alloy of gold and copper) and contains the largest collection of gold artifacts in the world.
For me is really hard to choose what first to present you in here. I believe in next postcards will follow more interesting facts but I want to believe I motivate you to do some internet research and see the beauties of Bogota and the institutions she serve, such as Monserrate Sanctuary, Santa Maria bullring, Virgilio Barco Public Library, Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Simón Bolívar Park, José Celestino Mutis botanical garden…and many more.

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