Anne, Croatia

On her Croatian summer holiday, Anne (from the Netherlands) sent me a postcard from Istria, peninsula, a place, a corner, with its own special world, where she enjoyed for 10 days. Istria is heart shaped peninsula in Adriatic sea, so is really hard not to have lovely holiday.

Additional info – Brijuni Islands are a group of fourteen small islands in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, separated from the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. Brijuni are well known for their immense diversity of flora and fauna. There is over 700 plants and over 250 bird species living on the archipelago (which is the only national park in Istria). There is a zoo, safari and ethno park on the biggest island of the group. There are animal species from all over the world, but also some indigenous Istrian species such as Boskarin cattle or the Istrian sheep.
Considering all the natural beauties and historical significance, it is no wonder Brijuni have often been referred as the “paradise on Earth”.
And this is my favorite part. There is a legend 😍 Оf course there is a legend 😍
And the legend says that the Creator, wanted to create one part of the Earth that would keep an image of Heaven. So Istria was created. Unfortunately the devil was jealous and slit the bag of unused stones and rocks and scattered them around Istria. Angels were very sad so they collected the scattered pieces and protected them with sea waves. And this is how the angels created Brijuni Island – Heaven on earth.

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