Autumn`s Splendor

Jenn, Canada

Jenn just prove one of the reasons why i am so much into postcards. The postcards we are sharing has travelled all that unimaginable way. And that is simply amazing. We could never travel like that. And they are prove of not only representing one place, but combining all that places they have been and are connecting the world. Its amazing. I know.
Jenn lives in London and i have to search that and yes, they have London in Canada as well. Some of you might know but some of us dont and that is not that bad. Everyday we are learning something new. And this city looks lovely as english one too.

Additional info – This London is known as “The Forest city”, and here are more than 200 parks in London proving excellent opportunities for walking, jogging and cycling. London also provides facilities for skating, swimming, golf, skateboarding, tennis, skiing and other sports.And what’s not to like? Also London has a rich and vibrant culture enhanced by its museums, theaters, special events and libraries. London facilitates over 120 special events each year including festivals such as Sunfest, and Home County Music & Art Festival. So visiting there would be worth. I believe any time of the year would be interesting and fun

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