One of the most amazing things I love about England is the cottages. Those small, rustic houses, full of history and coziness and love and flowers and small windows 😍
The second best thing that I love is the vintage tea pot and mug sets. After you taste tea from those elegant and authentic sets, tea is going to be your favorite beverage of course 😍
The British people invented the first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system, back in 1840. The ‘Penny Black’ had a picture of Queen Victoria on it, and as the name suggests, cost one penny.
Thanks to that we still can collect stamps and postcards.
Shakespeare has been credited by the Oxford English Dictionary for increasing the number of 1,700 words in the English language,
The Queen of England Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch ever in Britain.

Cow by mail

If you don’t know how to show your love to your close ones, just send them a cow. Preferably by post. Nowadays that is very easy, believe me. I loved it, but I can just say that is a postcard…

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Buckingham Palace

Daniela is my dear friend from Bulgaria, but when she went in London visiting her brother, she send me this postcards. I met her in a retreat “Peace in Action”, in Greece, where we shared very positive thoughts and words.…

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