Buckingham Palace

Daniela, England

Daniela is my dear friend from Bulgaria, but when she went in London visiting her brother, she send me this postcards. I met her in a retreat “Peace in Action”, in Greece, where we shared very positive thoughts and words. So the peace wishes are followed in the postcard 🤗 (the retreat was about inner peace, yoga and meditation, held by monk from Thailand)

Additional Info – The original Buckingham Palace was built for a Duke, John Sheffield, the first Duke of Buckingham in 1703. He tore down an existing house in Westminster and built himself a new one on the site. This Buckingham Palace would be purchased in 1761 by King George III, who wanted to give his wife and children a private home that wasn’t too far away from St. James’s Palace, then the royal family’s official London residence.
The state rooms are only open to public in the summer. There are over 700 rooms in the palace. There’s a cinema, pool, post office, police station, clinic and even a cash machine. Buckingham Palace is basically its own opulent little village. And besides the queen, there are hundreds of people living there. Prince Phillip and Prince Edward, his wife and daughter all also reside there. There’s all the small matter of the royal household – there’s a casual 800+ staff who also call the palace home.
Queen Elizabeth II hosts at least three garden parties every summer in Buckingham Palace’s 39-acre private garden, where guests consume about 20,000 sandwiches per party.

There are many many other interesting facts about the Buckingham Palace, but i encourage you to search and learn those amazing facts.

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