Themed Postcards

The postcards are sorted by theme, actually what is shown in the picture itself.
This is my way of feeling the postcards and how I sort them at home in the boxes and folders and this way is easier for me to search them. And this way helped me to find my favorite themed postcards.

Cow by mail

If you don’t know how to show your love to your close ones, just send them a cow. Preferably by post. Nowadays that is very easy, believe me. I loved it, but I can just say that is a postcard…

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Map of Deutschland

There is a site for postcards, where I get most of the postcards from the world. It is called Postcrossing, and is a famous social network for postcards swap, blogging about postcards and everything that is related to postcards. Other…

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My Romania

When Simona came to visit us, she was delighted with the beauties of Macedonia. All places, known and unknown, cities and villages made her stay as long as possible đŸ™‚ All sunrises and sunsets, all waters and mountains has extended…

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