Chalet Below the Watzmann

Helga, Germany

This breathtaking view is from Watzmann mountain in Bavarian Alps, south of the village of  Berchtesgaden in Germany.
Helga loves this place and she is happy that there is postcard to show it to the world.
For mountain lovers this should be must visit place.

Additional information- The Watzmann mountain range actually consists of several independent peaks and sub-peaks. The highest is so called “Middle-Peak” with its 2.713 m is followed by the “Southern Peak” 2712 m and the “Hocheck” 2651 m.

The legend about the mountain – Fairly famous peaks lie in the east of the main ridge divide: the so called “Wife of the Watzmann” and its “Seven Kids”.
Looking at the Watzmann from Berchtesgaden the shape of the mountain range can be interpreted as the wife to the left, followed by 7 sub-peaks (“the kids”) and the main Watzmann massive (“the King”).
Once upon a time a king has reigned the region in a very cruel way, always longing for more power. As a punishment for his cruelties the king was turned into stone alongside his wife and the seven kids.

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