Five Sisters of Kintail

Tony, Scotland

Tony was from England but he often traveled around with his motorbike and kept sending postcards to his friends. I will always remember this positive dear friend of mine, who not only postcards, but from time to time greeted me with books (Agatha Christie and few with recipes 🤗)
So, one time, he went from England to Scotland, together with one of his friends and they enjoyed the tour, the view, the air… seeing the postcard I can feel that too.
But I also enjoyed the legend about the mountains (sisters) on the highlands of Scotland.

Additional Info – Kintail is an area of mountains in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, located in the Highland Council area.
The Five Sisters of Kintail is/are one of the most famous massifs in Scotland.
The “Five Sisters” include the following tops :
– Sgurr nan Spainteach, 990 m
– Sgurr na Ciste Duibhe, 1027m
– Sgurr na Carnach, 1002m
– Sgurr Fhuaran, 1067m
– Sgurr nan Saighead, 929m

The Legend – Many years ago, the King of Kintail had 7 daughters. One day, two brothers sailed into Loch Duich and were smitten by the beauty of the 2 youngest daughters. They asked the King to marry them, but the King refused because he wanted his elder daughters to get married first. They promised that they would go back home and bring back their 5 brothers who would be eligible to marry his elder daughters.
The King agreed and they married the younger princesses and left. They sailed off with their new brides and did not come back for many many years. The five remaining sisters waited and waited forever, until the ageing King of Kintail went to Grey Magician of Coire Dhunnid and asked to preserve the beauty of his 5 daughters. He agreed of course, by casting a spell and turned them into the mountains we see today.

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