Australian Coast

Dennis, Australia

Denni is my dear postcard friend. I know him for years and he never let me down with any postcard. All of the postcards he sent to me are unique and beautiful, as Australia is.
This is my first postcard I received from him and from Sydney actually (received by postcard exchange). As i usually say to senders to write their favorite things (books, food, hobby…) he mention that his favorite thing is the Ocean. As he lives in Sydney, which is surrounded by many beaches and has long hot summers, definitely the ocean is his love.
And this postcard is the “maxi-card” from Australian post. Its amazing how post office is committed to to postcards and stamps (on the front you can see the stamp matches the postcard 😍).

Additional info about Australian coast – Australian coastline stretches almost 50,000 kilometres and is linked by over 10,000 beaches. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the widest long-span bridge and tallest steel arch bridge in the world, and the 5th longest spanning-arch bridge according to Guinness World Records. Sydney has the deepest natural harbor in the world with 504,000 mega-litres of water

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