The Diving Paradise

Fiona, Malaysia (2013)

While I am reading this now, is like a time capsule has hit it on me.
Fiona sent me this postcard before her trip to Balkans and Europe in general when she was planning her trip. Seeing from today’s perspective when I already know her personally and even having her as a very special guest in my family, is really strange to read what she wrote, that she “might not even pass near Bitola”. Older me is laughing.
But I love it. This just shows me that no matter what we are planing, life always has different options for us. And most of the time that is even better. I am so happy it happened that way…

Fiona and her family have a business for water sports and have ferry boats as well that are going to the islands on the postcards. That is amazing, really really amazing.

Additional info – On the postcard is written that The Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (named after the first Malaysian prime minister) is composed of five Islands – Gaya, Sapi, Mamutik, Manukan and Sulug. It’s actually a marine reserve, with a natural gallery of kaleidoscopic coral gardens and marine life.
All five islands are partly forested, with a mixture of rocky coastlines and white sand beaches. They are ideal for snorkelling, scuba diving, water sports and picnics by the beach. The largest amongst the island group is Gaya at 15 km2 of untouched dense rainforest.
Sound like the perfect place ❤

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