Multilayered Chile

This postcard is amazing. Its not only front that makes it special, but on the back has few more photos of other amazing places in Chile as well as their traditional cocktail recipe. Additionally the positive words are spread over the back of the postcard by Carolina, which complement the postcard and the picture of how attractive Chile is in general. The sand, the beaches, the mountains, the volcanoes, the desert…
Carolina loves wandering around Chile and San Pedro de Atacama is her favorite place to go. Now i see why.

In the front there is collage of awesome photos which you cannot stop starring on each of them. But on the back there are few more photos, which you can see here attached as well-the right image ( i couldn’t resist to show you that too ) so please enjoy those as well.
– The first and third photos are from San Pedro de Atacama, small town in Atacama desert. The Atacama Desert is widely ranked among the top travel destinations in all of South America, and San Pedro de Atacama is the number one jumping-off point for exploring the Atacama. San Pedro de Atacama tours range from alien-looking landscapes, geysers, hot springs, and unique lagoons to salt flats, architectural wonders, and a collection of national parks. In a word, there is plenty to do in the town as a starting point. There are many many great things to write about Sand Perdro, but i dare you to look, you wont regret it.

– The second photo is The Iglesia de San Pedro – which is constructed during the Spanish colonial period, it is reportedly the second oldest church in Chile.

The recipe – Pisco Sour
A pisco sour is an alcoholic cocktail of Peruvian origin that is typical of the cuisines from Peru and Chile. The drink’s name comes from pisco, which is its base liquor, and the cocktail term sour, in reference to sour citrus juice and sweetener components

70 ml pisco
30 ml lemon juice
2-3 spoons powder sugar
4 ice cubes
1/2 egg white
Mix in the mixer at moderate speed all the ingredients. Serve.

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