Wander through Mehedinti

Even though Dana wrote that this is a small present, I think this is huge present. Even though she said is long planed birthday present (and it arrived 6 months after my birthday) I think is more than a birthday present. I mean more or less we are all expecting presents for our birthdays, but we never expect surprise presents on any ordinary day. So when this big package arrived it made my ordinary day very special, I was really happy and smiled whole day and the days after. And still when I see this photo I am happy and this happiness is coming from the fact that I have this kind of people in my life…Dana is my real gift ❤️
Together with Dana we have wandered through few towns in Mehedinti and with pleasure I can say that we have created unforgettable memories together.
(Mehedinti is county of Romania on the border with Serbia and Bulgaria – and I think is enough mentioning because more additional facts will come when those towns, from this county will be on some of the following postcards)

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