Pagoda in Astragalus Fields

Hiroshi, Japan

This very very beautiful meadowy and flowerish postcard shows Kokubunji Temple in Okayama, or as Hiroshi wrote, Five storied pagoda and astragalus fields. Do you know what is pagoda? Or astragalus?

Additional information –
Pagoda – Well the temple on the photo is five storied pagoda.
pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves common to China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other parts of Asia.
The pagodas characteristically have multiple stories with beautifully designed eaves. Many pagodas in Japan have five roofs or levels each symbolizing one of the great elements (lowest level) of earth , waterfirewind and space (or void, top level).
The predecessors of the pagoda are called stupa (for stupa more infos in another postcard)

Astragalus – is a pink herb (as you can see on the postcard) that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. It has many benefits, from the roots to seeds, for immune system, diabetes etc.

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