My Romania

Simona, Romania (08.07.2014)

When Simona came to visit us, she was delighted with the beauties of Macedonia. All places, known and unknown, cities and villages made her stay as long as possible 🙂 All sunrises and sunsets, all waters and mountains has extended her vacation for one more day, each day, so the day became week… And our friendship deepened, and we became inseparable. I still miss her, even though 7 years have passed already😮
After the difficult farewell, the postcards remained the thread that kept our friendship, still our eternal reminders of beautiful memories.
With this postcard she wanted to brag with the beauties of “My Romania” as well saying that her country is not below our`s and that she wants us to go there as soon as possible so we can explore it open-mouthed 😊 Although I have been there, I believe that i missed many parts, especially the mountains… and Brasov of course, where does Simona come from.

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