Bucegi, Romania

Bucegi mountain, Romania

Simona, Romania

Simona is very close friend of mine, believe it or not, we met through postcards and she has visited me 🤗 Yes Yes. Very nice person with rich travel experience.

It is a pity that I have not visited her in Romania, it never crossed her hometown Brasov on my travel plans, but I hope one day I will go there in visit her.
The Bucegi Mountain is Simona’s favorite mountain for climbing. She is a mountain lover and in her free time she likes to climb. Here she finds her peace and relax over the weekends.

Additional info – Bucegi Mountain with its highest peak Omu 2505 m, is located near Brasov. The postcard depicts a monument cross (monumental eroilour or heroes cross), which is in honor of the fallen soldiers from the First World War. It is located on one of the peaks of Buchegi, Caraiman peak (2384m).

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