Spring in Kamakura

Sihori, Japan

I may say this a lot, but this postcard is one of my favorites too. It calms me somehow.
Maybe because is from the temple in spring, the time of the year where everything is blooming and is starting again, where everything is very green. Or maybe because is a temple. Who knows.
Also this Jufuku-ji temple, is Sihori`s favorite place to visit (out of 100+ temples and shrines in that area), because from one side is the sea and the other is the mountain. Perfect balance.

Additional info – Kamakura is a coastal town only an hour away from Tokyo. The most famous place to visit in Kamakura (and what is this place most famous for) is the Great Buddha statue, situated at Kotoku-in Temple.
Every temple has different story, so if you don`t plan to visit in near future is really worth reading it. There is not enough space in here to write for each and any of them.

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