Teresa, Czech Republic

Have you heard of Krtek/Krtecek/Krtecka/Krecik? The happy mole🤗 ?
I really love him. It shows the adventures of the mole in short cartoons, originating from Czech, starting back from the 50ties (until 2002), created by famous animator, Zdeněk Miler.
Firstly i saw him in Poland and i fell in love with this little mole. And i love all of his adventures and cartoons. While i was growing up i didn’t had the chance to see it (it wasn`t showed in our country and still isn`t)) but once i found out i cannot stop watching it. Even though i was far past my childhood time 😂
Once Teresa found out i really like him, she tried hard to find and send me a postcard of this lovely mole, which is her favorite childhood cartoon too.
She choose this postcard because it reminds her of the autumn time – the season when she actually sent the postcard.
Do you like autumn?

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