American Cherry Pie

Rick, USA

The famous American pie, this time with cherries, on a postcard, with a recipe, with a message from Door county, with everything. This is when a person dedicates himself, starting from scratch and do something big and then selflessly is shared with the world. We may never buy from them, but they willingly share their recipe with the world.
You have the recipe, and if you are going to try the recipe, please share your cooking experience and tell us how the pie turned out. I have tried it with fresh cherries and home made dough but our flour is very soft, so the dough it should be more drier , otherwise the dough wont rise while baking. The second time i tried with frozen cherries and shop-bought frozen dough and it was perfect. On the internet, you can find various ideas of how to make the top layer of dough, with holes or rows of leaf-like dough, you could find even open, non covered with dough. its your choice 🤗.

Rick is very proud of their pie recipe and he loves it the most when is prepared by his grandma’s recipe. It reminds him of his childhood, of its rich, pure, taste and smell, which no store bought pie can replace it. Besides cherry pies, he also loves reading historical novels, traveling, fishing and arranging his garden and his grandmother`s.

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