This album is dedicated to Kate, the real culprit for the postcards love.

Kate and I, were roommates in Gdansk, Poland. There we used to work for Foundation for disabled people, but there i felt the true love, the honest friendship, my creative side was discovered by most amazing people and was cherished during my whole stay. Additionally on our free time we started creating handmade cards and crafts out of the left over materials and started to send to our friends and families to our home countries. I loved the idea going to post office and waiting the surprises to reach our families and hear about the excitement.
Once we returned home, this kept to be our tradition for holidays and other occasions. The other reason why we kept this lovely – sharing – gifts – and cards – ritual is that Kate didn’t had at a time (still doesn’t) any profiles on the social media, so this was my last chance to keep in touch with her. It was successful. Still is. In this chaotic world we continue sharing our secrets and travels through the postcards.
Since then we shared many packages full of letters, postcards, sweets, teas and many other special treats.
Of course the letters i will keep for my self, but i will share the postcards and the travel thoughts that were written on them.
I am really happy to have her in my life and that we continued our friendship since 2009. I really hope, our friendship to keep going the right direction for many many years ahead.