Themed Postcards

The postcards are sorted by theme, actually what is shown in the picture itself.
This is my way of feeling the postcards and how I sort them at home in the boxes and folders and this way is easier for me to search them. And this way helped me to find my favorite themed postcards.

My Romania

When Simona came to visit us, she was delighted with the beauties of Macedonia. All places, known and unknown, cities and villages made her stay as long as possible 🙂 All sunrises and sunsets, all waters and mountains has extended…

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Autumn`s Splendor

Jenn just prove one of the reasons why i am so much into postcards. The postcards we are sharing has travelled all that unimaginable way. And that is simply amazing. We could never travel like that. And they are prove…

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Golden Minsk

When i read, how people are writing so passionate about their home cities i immediately want to visit them. You can feel the love, the welcomeness and the words they are honestly writing. This time i will skip “Additional info”…

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Spruce Forest

If you need a place where the time passes slow but the reindeer in front of you passes fast, then definitely Nattavaara should be your holiday destination, far away from civilisation but closer to Santa Clause. Sound attractive right? I…

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Winter View of Almaty

Lana is a dear friend which became my postcard pal during the years of exchanging postcards. We exchanged postcards several times and shared stories, which always helps you to get to know closely the person and feel like is your…

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San Francisco Highlights

Ruta, San Francisco One of the cities i love the most from USA is San Francisco…i dont know why. Maybe is because of high, narrow streets, or the weather, or the cable cars or simply the cozines that is always…

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